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Cortica's visual search platform turns every image into the right action

From celebrity images on the Web to breathtaking Grand Canyon pictures snapped with your smartphone, Cortica knows what's in every image and turns it into relevant, engaging actions on any platform.
Cortica: In Every Image
Cortica fundamentally revolutionizes how computers understand images by simulating the way our brain works.
Roots in Neuroscience
Cortica’s team conducted fundamental research, combining experimental neuroscience, electrical engineering and theoretical physics. The initial efforts focused on modeling the ex-vivo population of cortical cells interfaced with electrical inputs and responding to natural signals representing the physical environment.

Surprisingly, this model of a small, realistic cortical network had an outstanding capability of capturing complex structures and relationships in massive quantities of low-precision, ambiguous, noisy data.
New Computational Paradigm
Cortica developed a new computational paradigm based on a plurality of independent non-linear cortical networks which map fuzzy natural signals such as images onto compressed digital signatures, easily stored and analyzed by traditional algorithms and systems.

Cortica’s technology provides a new computational building block endowed with artificial intelligence capability to interface with the real world sensory environment, and perform big-data predictive analytics used, for example, in medical imaging, financial and retail databases.
Image2Text® Platform
The Internet’s profound shift towards visual inventory demonstrates a clear need for Cortica’s Visual Search and Contextual Advertising platform. Cortica’s Image2Text® platform is the most comprehensive, scalable and robust solution for automatic image understanding, with more than 2 billion image views each month.

Cortica’s engines crawl the Web and index millions of new images every day in order to automatically learn new concepts and translate the visual inventory to text (keywords/queries) to enable a new way to search, and contextually target advertising for the visual world.

While focused on scaling Cortica’s platform in the visual search market, the team is extending the technological foundation (protected by over 100 patent applications) to bring the cortex-inspired capabilities to new markets.

Cortica's products are protected by one or more patents and pending applications, among others:

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Contextual Relevance for a Visual World
With Cortica Visual Search products, images become interactive, actionable, highly engaging, and social. Whether on the Web or Mobile, PC or Wearable Devices, Cortica automatically indexes and tags every image in real time, enabling users, advertisers and publishers to get the most out of the visual world.
Visual Search for the Web
Cortica creates an interactive layer on every image on the Web, enabling users to get relevant information, search results, price comparison, and related content without leaving the page. Publishers finally have the opportunity to monetize their images and unleash a completely new revenue stream. Advertisers get access to a viewable, targeted and highly engaging in-image inventory to deliver high-impact campaigns at the center of users' attention. View demo >
Visual Search for Mobile and Wearable
Cortica is working with some of the world’s biggest hardware manufacturers, operators and app developers to integrate its visual search technology into wearable devices and mobile products, enabling users to get relevant information, search results, price comparison, and related content instantly, without typing any word, and advertisers get access to a new, user initiated, highly engaging visual inventory to deliver high-impact, relevant campaigns.

Cortica was founded in 2007 by a team of Technion researchers who, amazed by the computational capabilities of biological systems, reverse-engineered the Cortex to enable a new generation of biologically-inspired computational technologies.

Despite the major technological breakthroughs of recent decades, basic tasks such as image recognition, movement in the physical world, and natural language understanding – easily performed by toddlers – are practically impossible for even the most advanced computers.

The essence of Cortica's Image2Text® technology lies in its ability to automatically extract the core concepts in photographs, illustrations and video, and map these concepts to keywords and textual taxonomies.

Images drive interest, sentiment and commercial intent, and Cortica's technology reads and automatically associates images with relevant content in real time. This groundbreaking model gives our partners a completely new way to engage highly targeted mass audiences.

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